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  • Director Business Development Manager

    Shane Baker

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    Punter. Extensive experience in the development of tools for professional wagering on Thoroughbred Horse Racing. An engineering background assists with the compilation of bespoke data and probability based ratings. Fostering relationships with customers, industry professionals, software developers and database experts is a key function. Holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Partner Technical Director

    Heath Kelly

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    Punter. Software development expert who created and manages the Punting Form IT framework. Has a particular interest in developing profitable selection and betting algorithms. Holds a Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • The beginning 2007

    Timeline of the last 10 years (approx)

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    Shane Baker supplies horse race ratings as a subscription product to sports betting website, Punting Ace.
  • late 2010

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    The Punting Ace website closes it's doors for business and is acquired not long after, by
  • mid 2011

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    Punting Form is launched with Heath Kelly as one of the founding partners. The focus is on providing a user-friendly online form guide for horse racing and to give users the ability to develop 'systems' which identify legitimate betting opportunities.
  • early 2012

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    After unsuccessful attempts to source a reliable supply of horse racing sectional times for all runners in Australian TAB races, ABettorEdge Pty Ltd was formed with Shane Baker as the sole Director. The intention being to establish a business with an office and full time staff, dedicated to compiling sectional times from race videos and then developing these into powerful punting tools.
  • early 2013

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    ABettorEdge reaches an agreement which sees Punting Form appointed as the sole distributor of it's sectional time and rating products for horse racing.
  • early 2016

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    ABettorEdge Pty Ltd acquires the Punting Form business and Heath Kelly becomes a partner in ABettorEdge. The desire being to create a more focussed 'single entity', with Punting Form recognised as the 'Brand' to carry forward.
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Dr. Wernher von Braun (1912-1977; a German, later an American, aerospace engineer)
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Puntingform is my NUMBER ONE resource for accurate form analysis. Their sectional time information covers most tracks in Australia and is presented in an extremely user friendly database set up which of course also includes all the usual race day information. I would recommend the service to any punter serious about winning.
Chris Nelson (thoroughbred industry Form Analyst and Media Commentator)
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